Top Five Reasons To Work Out With A Partner

Top Five Reasons To Work Out With A Partner

1. Being Accountable For Your Actions

Stanford University found that receiving a fortnightly telephone call can boost the amount of exercise you do by up to 78%. When the receiver was questioned on how much exercise they had historically done and what then new goals for the coming week, it motivated the individual to get back on track. Even after 18 months the respondents were still exercising at a higher level.

So, whether it is someone standing in front of you or at the very least questioning you over the telephone, being accountable to a partner boosts your determination to exercise and meet your chosen goal.

2. Exercising Becomes Fun

The more fun workouts are the easier it is to commit to it over the longer term. Choosing the right partner, whether a loved one, friend or family member, can make exercising more of a sociable experience – being able to laugh, encourage and motivate. That being said it is not an excuse for a chit chat!

3. Confidence to Try New Workouts

Studies have shown that positive feedback and knowledgeable guidance, within a support environment, gives people the confidence to try new more specific and challenging exercises or goals. So why not use the opportunity to try new things that otherwise you would not have been comfortable doing on your own e.g. a kettlebell class or circuit session.

4. Eyes on the Ground

Incorrect form and posture can lead to all sorts of problems. So even if your partner is no expert they can spot mistakes or see if you are doing something wrong. For many people desk working or lugging around heavy bags can make us very strength dominant or mobility restricted on one side this is often evident when lifting or performing static exercises. Just by someone pointing it out can you concentrate on counteracting it.

5. Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff

According to research, you perform better when paired with someone who is fitter than yourself. It is known as the Kohler effect i.e. not want to be the weakest link. It also found that when working as a team, people exercises 160% longer than if they had been on their own. Interesting another study found that when men were paired up with woman who were fitter there motivation levels rocketed more so than when partnered with another male.