The 1500m Run

The 1500m Run

The 1500m run is another tough and gruelling event. Falling too short for a distance run, and too long for a sprint makes it a challenge of speed, stamina and determination. When on the treadmill, it’s down to your will power and mental strength to push faster but with a solid strength programme behind your run you will be able to shave seconds of your time and run injury free.

Foam roll the following muscle groups. Spend approximately 30-60 second on each area moving at a tempo of 1inch per second.

  • T spine
  • Lat
  • Glutes and hips
  • Hamstring
  • Adductor
  • ITB
  • Quads
  • Calves

Perform 1 set for 12 reps for the following mobility and activation drills.

  • Quadruped chin tucks
  • Half kneeling adductor mob
  • Spiderman’s in place
  • Hip flexor wall stretch
  • Squat to stand
  • Behind neck pull apart
  • Supine hip bridges
  • Bird dogs
  • Cradle walk to walking overhead lunge

Now you are warm and prepared, here is the strength workout.

  • A) single leg off set deadlift 3×6
  • B) standing cable single arm row 2×10
  • C) overhead walking lunge 3×12
  • D) half kneeling cable chops 2×10
  • E) pull through or D.B swings 2×20
  • F) roll outs 2×8
  • G) 6x 100m sprints with 1 min recovery.

The programme above challenges the body with single leg work, and the core musculature to maintain a good pelvis position during various movements. Perform this workout 2/3 times per week in addition to your distance running or incorporate it into your usual strength training plan.